It takes courage to paint your loom

In my previous post LINK, I showed a tiny video clip of me weaving with a youngster at the Deep Freeze Festival.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

We are sharing a wonderful weaving moment on my Cricket loom from Schacht.

I really like taking my Cricket loom to maker’s faires, craft shows and artisan’s markets.

It’s portable, sturdy and engaging- and children, (sadly, adults are often too shy or daunted to try it) love to weave a few rows on it.

I’ve been enjoying my Cricket for many years now, and right from the beginning, I wanted to paint it…..

but…….. just couldn’t bring myself to commit to actually laying the brush on it.

BUT, when my stand arrived in the mail, it seemed to me that I should just get over the wobblies, and go ahead and paint it….

So I did!

I also drew a couple of little wooden embellishments on 1/8th inch plywood, cut them out on the scroll saw and glued them on.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I love being able to demonstrate weaving and to talk to people about how much joy is to be had in working with small looms.

They are always amazed that I make full size dresses, shirts, coats and vests using such a small, simple loom.

By the way- Having the stand is great- it’s lovely to have the loom always at the perfect height for weaving,  and to have the convenience of not having to haul around an extra table for it.

Also, I think that it makes the weaving much more pleasant, as the loom is sturdy and stable when it’s ensconced on its stand.

Yup. It’s a very good thing.

Do I regret painting my loom and stand? Not one bit.

I LOVE the color, and I highly recommend that everyone makes their loom unique by embellishing it in any way that sings to them.

Happy weaving! :)

PS: This post: Viking Dress LINK explains why I am dressed the way I am in the photo.


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2 responses to “It takes courage to paint your loom

  1. Bravo! Good for you for setting your anxiety aside and picking up the paintbrush. It looks fabulous


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