A Mermaid living in my mother’s threads

A few weeks ago, a whole lot of my mother’s embroidery threads came to live at my house…. my mother, in her glory days, was a master embroiderer. Sadly, she is no longer able to do needlework and there is no room for her embroidery threads in her new home.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

At first, I was incredibly saddened by the presence of her threads in my studio… I knew that she had had a hard time making the choice to leave her condo…. and the threads were symbolic to me of  her decline.  I also felt, oddly, that I was ‘snooping’ through her things as I sorted the threads and needlework tools. It was quite depressing.

I felt like she had treasured her threads so much that I couldn’t possibly do anything with them that would match her dreams for them, and it brought up all kinds of ‘not good enough’ stuff.  Very painful!

Luckily, I have close loved ones who helped me shift my focus away from the painful focus, and to embrace the threads as my own, and to work with them in a way that is a celebration of all the delight that my mother felt in her needlework…..

And, so I started weaving with them, and then got the inspiration to use her threads to continue my shadow scarf series….. this time, to crochet mermaids!  My mother always loved mermaids as much as I do, so it seemed right to me…..

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

And, so, I have been discovering the mermaids that were living in my mother’s threads- it has been a joyous discovery for me, and I am delighted with them!

I have just finished the pattern, and have put it up on my website  at: Crochet. (click on link).

You never know where you will find joy and healing…. isn’t it amazing how often that it lives in the middle of threads, yarns and the tools of our needlecraft?

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

So, here’s to imagination, and to creativity, and to the healing that they can bring-  and of course, here’s to love, and to friendship, too…. and to all the tender mercies that they bestow on us!

And, also…. here’s to mermaids…..

wherever they live…..


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18 responses to “A Mermaid living in my mother’s threads

  1. Perry

    I love your mermaid scarf, and I love that it’s crochet. And I can so identify with your feelings about your mom.



  2. Aleksa

    How beautiful! Another way in which you are connected to your mother’s art!


  3. This is lovely, Noreen. What an incredible connection!


  4. Tanya C.

    This made this landlocked mermaid smile.


  5. Jim

    We have to take some mermaids to the coast, to visit their homes. 🙂


  6. Alice

    What a wonderful gift from your Mother. The mermaids are beautiful.


  7. Tammy

    The mermaids are beautiful! Now we know who you got your creativity from. What a wonderful way to honor your mother. She gave her things to the person who would most appreciate them, IMHO.


  8. Carolee

    Wow the mermaids are amazing!! You did justice with the gift you recived.


  9. Elizabeth Birmingham

    Love the new scarf. I love my crochet and knitted Shadow Scarfs. This is going on my want list.


  10. Beautiful – and a great connection. The colours of the threads in your photo are sooo mermaid-like. I love your mermaids – I can see one sewn onto a long vest or garment of some sort…


  11. Thank you so much, everyone! I have replied privately to all the comments…. most appreciated!


  12. Those are amazing! What a wonderful way to honor the threads and continue carrying the torch 🙂


  13. The mermaids are gorgeous. I love the way they flow. Your mother would be proud. I’m glad you’ve been able to embrace the gift of her threads.


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  16. Hi Cyndi
    Oh for goodness sake! This ended up in spam! sheesh!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment, which is soooooooooo NOT spam!


  17. Jorel

    Love the Mermaid version of the Shadow Scarf. And what a wonderful way to use the thread. You are amazing!


  18. Thank you so much, Jorel! I am really enjoying the Mermaids! They are soon to be joined by other magical creatures….. 😀


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