Video tutorial for weaving with loops on the potholder loom

I have been working on new designs for projects that are woven with loops on the potholder loom.

I used to dismiss them totally, but now that I have worked with  high quality cotton loops, (these ones are from Harrisville Designs: Link)

I have changed my mind.

Loops have some really positive things going for them: They make a VERY sturdy fabric, which is just perfect for some projects, and they are just great for color work.

But, I really don’t recommend them as the way to teach a child or beginning weaver. I feel that starting people off with yarn is much easier. There are some challenges inherent in working with loops, and that’s why I’ve made this video.

Happy Weaving! 😀



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6 responses to “Video tutorial for weaving with loops on the potholder loom

  1. Great tutorial! Thanks, Noreen.


  2. Aw, thank you so much! I had kind of fallen out of the loop on keeping up with making video tutorials, so it feels good to be back doing this again!


  3. Wonderful tutorial, Noreen! I was inspired so much that I visited the Harrisville Designs site and ordered a loom and the “lotsa loops”. I don’t think I’ve made one of these since I went to summer camp close to 50 years ago.


  4. Katie

    I made lots of potholders as a kid but we weaved with our fingers. So I’ve ordered my loops and I can’t wait to really weave the way you do. So excited and everything I’ve read so far on your blog and website has been a pleasure. Just wish I had another lifetime to learn all the things I’m interested in.


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