Dragonfly shawl woven on the triangle loom

Last summer was a dragonfly summer. Countless dragonflies zipped and zoomed in glorious flashes of color and startling aerial acrobatics.

It was fabulous!

What wasn’t fabulous was the reason for their huge population upsurge: A vicious swarming plague of mosquitoes. UGH!

Ah well… here we are in deep mid winter, and now it’s just the memories of the dragonflies that are a pleasure, without the nasties of the mozzies.

I celebrated my love of dragonflies by weaving a shawl on the 7 foot configuration of the Dewberry Ridge triangle loom (LINK)

triangle-loom-dragonfly-shawl-copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I wove it with handspun wool that has shots of silk and angelina in it.

I also included rows of eyelash yarn every 28 nails, which gave me the perfect grid for embroidering the dragonflies.

triangle-loom-dragonfly-shawl-copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I embroidered the dragonflies onto the shawl while it was still stretched on the loom- the loom is the perfect embroidery hoop!

It is definitely a one of a kind, as all the combination of elements that came together to make it just won’t happen again.

triangle-loom-dragonfly-shawl-copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

When I was doing the embroidery, I turned the loom every which way to make it easier to get to each square.

The dragonflies are embroidered with silk that I spun on my support spindle.

triangle-loom-dragonfly-shawl-copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I didn’t use a pattern or drawing to embroider the dragonflies.

Pardon the pun, but I just ‘winged’ it. :p

triangle-loom-dragonfly-shawl-copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

People stop me to admire the shawl when I wear it. It gives me an opportunity to talk about weaving, spinning and embroidery (and spool knitting, too!)

triangle-loom-dragonfly-shawl-copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I don’t like fringes on shawls- so I spool knitted a looooooooooooooooong cord, and stitched it onto the shawl while it was still on the loom.

That was wonderfully easy! I held the spool knitted cord up against the outside of the nails, and ‘v’ (baseball stitch) it to the shawl.

This video shows how to stitch cord to a finished woven edge:

Happy dragonflies! Happy triangles! Happy everything…. 😀



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13 responses to “Dragonfly shawl woven on the triangle loom

  1. I am simply breathless looking at your gorgeous shawl! Whoo! And here I sit in Dragonfly Cottage with a huge dragonfly tattoo on my right writing hand. I’ma just a thinkin’, well, you know!!! You are a world wonder! Oh, and I just watched your video on sewing the spool knitted cord onto the woven square and whooeee, I LOVE that. You’ve given me a drop-kick back into my fiber art! Wheeeee… Thanks so much Noreen. The shawl is just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

    Big Hugs,

    Maitri 🙂


  2. Dragonflies truly are magical!
    Dragonfly hugs!


  3. Carolee

    Oh my goodness that shawl is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love dragonflys have some hanging in my bedroom. I would just hang the shawl up and look at it. Also awsome braclet in vidio.


  4. Thank you so much, Carolee 😀
    Actually, I do have the shawl hanging up in my studio when I don’t wear it. It’s too beautiful to leave it in a drawer! I just love those dragonflies, and it gives me a little burst of ‘happy’ when I glance up at it.
    And, thanks for the comment about the bracelet- I wove it on the potholder loom 🙂


  5. Aleksa

    Utterly beautiful, gorgeous, lovely! Who’d have thunk an increase in the mosquito population would have the wonderful consequence of more dragonflies?


  6. I’m sitting here trying to come up with appropriate words – all the ones I think of are inadequate to capture what I feel looking at this piece. Sublime. Something for a nature spirit to wear. Magical. almost… almost….those will have to do.


  7. Thank you so much, Aleksa! The dragonflies were truly the whirling, flashing silver lining of the dreadful clouds of the mosquitoes! So much beauty!!!!


  8. Thank you thank you thank you for these gorgeous words, Zann! You have truly made my day!!!!


  9. Vonda

    My loom just got made. So I am looking at all the things that can be done on it and I am amazed. I may never get to go back to sewing, knitting or spinning! I want to try embroidery on a shawl after I get the hang of it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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