My learning curve with the double hole rigid heddle continues

This morning, an email came in, explaining that I am STILL not getting the double hole rigid heddle weaving right…

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

She pointed out that I am doing weft face weaving here, while the double hole rigid heddle are normally used to create WARP faced bands…


She also told me to not pick up the background threads on the even rows when the pattern threads are all in the up position.

I’ve tried that, and once again I have ugly long floats on the back of the weaving.


I really like the weft face weaving for the shirt that I am weaving, so I am going to continue weaving weft face.

And, I am stumped on the float thing.

When I did it ‘wrong’ and picked up the background threads, too, I got lovely reversible bands….

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I am feeling very frustrated, so I am just going to get back to work, meeting design deadlines, and will try again later.

Update:  I sent her a note  in response to her suggestion to drop the background threads…. going ‘ackkkkkkkkkk’……

She sent me a note back this evening, saying, Oops… you did have it right! Just couldn’t see it in the video!

So I am feeling VERY relieved. I had gone back and done more weaving, returning to my previous way of keeping the background threads in the shed, and once again, the floats disappeared and the back of the band is lovely and reversible.

Well, it’s NOT reversible and it’s a good thing that  I am going to be stitching it to the shirt, because the back of the band is a progression of  floatie bits and woven in bits!

Once the shirt is done, those chronicles of “the learning experience” will disappear against the shirt, never revealing their untidy little secrets!

AND… Yep, the weft face is not the accepted norm, but, I like it, and I am going to carry on in the wrong way, as I find it quite fetching 😀

I find it just fascinating that there are soooooooooooo many variables in this intriguing technique!



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4 responses to “My learning curve with the double hole rigid heddle continues

  1. Aleksa

    Think of all the dendritic connections you are creating while on this steep learning curve!
    Speaking of learning curves, I cannot figure how to change my gravatar…


  2. LOL! You know, that struck me while I was jumping through mental hoops.
    They say that we have to do really challenging and difficult things to keep our brains elastic and zippy.
    Well…. I think I just infused a whole lotta bounce into my brain!

    Oh…. changing the gravatar… yoicks…. I should probably do that, too… given that our beloved little shoulder cat has angel wings now…. 😦


  3. Hi Noreen, I’m not a (real) weaver, but I dont see why you can’t use a traditional tool a new way. Not that it isn’t good to learn both… I see both warp and weft as pattern elements in your band. Could it be a balanced weave?
    Anyway I still think it is really beautiful! Both the colors, and the pattern…


  4. Hi Ingrid Thank you so much for your absolutely SPOT ON comment! I agree…. It’s wonderful to be able to use traditional tools in new and exciting ways- and I fully intend to do more of that! The thing was, that I was blythely weaving away making weft faced bands, without remembering that the tradition is for warp face ones. I think it’s really good to bring a higher level of awareness to my work! LOL Awareness is good! Especially since I mentor other people- I don’t want to pass along errors. But, the lovely lady who spoke to me about Latvian weaving has checked what I am doing and given me the thumbs up, so I am feeling very pleased! and thank you again! Most appreciated! 🙂


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