An easier way to weave hearts on the little heart loom

The other evening, I figured out a much easier way to weave hearts on the little heart loom that I designed, and Gary McFarland of Dewberry Ridge Looms makes.

A new & better way to weave a heart on the Dewberry Ridge Heart Loom by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

Here’s the new video, showing how to weave hearts this easy peasy way:

And, if you click ‘Heart Loom’ in the categories, you’ll find lots of links for yummy things toΒ  make with the heart looms πŸ™‚

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

To order a heart loom,Β  click this link to Dewberry Ridge Looms: Heart Looms

You can weave a Valentine!



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6 responses to “An easier way to weave hearts on the little heart loom

  1. Susan Murry

    Noreen you are AMAZING! We just recieved our order of three new Heart Looms in the mail today. Mac checked my emails and here you are with an easier weaving method. Young girls love to weave the hearts so I thought it would be fun to teach some friends children how to weave their own Valentine Bookmarks for their classmates and others. This will make it much easier if they get stuck and I am not there to help. You are always such a Blessing to Mac and I. Big Hug, Mac & Sue


  2. Lynn

    Absolutely charming, Noreen! This does look so much easier, especially when it’s time for the finishing step. I made my own little heart pin loom, and am looking forward to trying the new method. You are so inventive! I also loved the dogs’ “contribution” of sound effects. That happens in my studio too, often while I’m trying to paint!


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