Correction for the Boho Bag video link

Oops… in the previous post, the link to the video was not working.

Sorry about that!

Here’s the correct link to the video:

Happy weaving!


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6 responses to “Correction for the Boho Bag video link

  1. Oh Sweety…this is really awesome…. I want to make 1,too!


  2. Did the link work for you, Susan? It’s doing weird things and making me crazy!
    I really loved making this bag and will most definitely be making more! 🙂


  3. Oh, whew! I am so glad that it’s working! Happy weaving! 🙂


    • Karen Cooper

      I love what you made but alas, I can not justify buying a triangle loom right now. So I wondered if it were possible to make a triangle on a Martha Stewart loom as you demonstrated on your bias triangle loom video, and you can. You just have to be careful not to pull the yarn through tightly around the side without pegs. Since you explained how to join smaller triangles to make larger ones, I know I’ll be able to make a boho bag also. And a textured yarn would help to hide any imperfections.The cording idea will also make for neater edges. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration Noreen.


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