Introducing 2 new Peg Looms from Dewberry Ridge Looms

A couple of months ago,  I published my new eBook on weaving jewelry with stick looms: See LINK

My friend, Donna McFarland of Dewberry Ridge Looms was looking at the photos when her husband, Gary, walked by the computer.

Donna told me that he said:’ Those have to be Noreen’s designs, right?’ and she agreed.

He then mused that he would like to make stick looms.

Well… I was delighted, and immediately asked if they would consider building peg looms.

I have a couple of peg looms, but felt that they could use a re-design with improvements that I knew Gary could build.

After lots of conversations, Gary and Donna have created the most wonderful peg looms!

Here’s the link to order them LINK

They are truly the Rolls Royce of the Peg Loom world!

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Here’s what I asked for, and they have designed and created:

1: Taller pegs so I could see more of the weaving emerging before having to advance the warp. This is especially important in weaving tapestries on the peg loom.

2: Fine wooden pegs that are slimmer and closer together to give a firmer, tighter weave. A close sett avoids too loose, loopy fabric.

Another important note about the pegs: I asked for close grain wood for the pegs, as smooth pegs that don’t catch the weft are essential. Gary has found the perfect wood for the pegs that is smooth as silk. He also carefully shapes the top of the pegs to make them guide the yarn beautifully.  His attention to detail is exquisite!

3: A really nice threading tool – I came up with a rather crude one, and Gary totally surpassed my concept.

4: Legs that would stabilize the looms- Gary’s design for the legs is so elegant that it knocked my socks off!

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Donna and Gary came up with some neat ideas, too.

They suggested tilting the looms backward slightly.  This is brilliant, as it improves the ergonomics of the loom enormously and makes the loom more comfortable to work with.

They also decided to offer a loom with 3 sizes of pegs, for people who want to work with larger pegs.

Personally, I am so smitten with the thinnest pegs that I probably will just be working with them and not the larger pegs, but Gary and Donna wanted to appeal to the widest possible group of weavers.

Gary also decided to make the base of the loom removable in case a peg gets stuck. What a great idea!

Peg looms are  eco friendly, as they are great for using t shirt yarn, or tarn, or fabric strips torn from discarded clothing.

And, I am working on a new book for peg loom weaving, so do stay tuned for that 🙂

I have made a little video that introduces the Dewberry Ridge Peg Loom:



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9 responses to “Introducing 2 new Peg Looms from Dewberry Ridge Looms

  1. You have done such a fine job of both describing and photographing these new looms that it is hard to imagine how any of us could resist!


  2. Those are awesome! I love the 3sized pegs in one format…I have enough clutter and this would be awesome for people like me who want a variety of sizes and don’t have the room for a variety of looms:)

    Great for kids to use to. My daughter has a small stick loom set but it gets hard for her small hands to hold. This would be perfect for her and her 5yr old sister to learn on!


  3. awesome, I just purchased a peg loom and see so much potential! glad you posted!


  4. toni ritchey

    i attempted to contact dewberry weeks ago and have not received a response as of yet. is the company still in business?


  5. Linda Forester

    I went straight to their site using your link. But when I click on the looms to order nothing comes up but the accessories like the threader. Is anyone else having problems ?
    Your designs are exquisite and I’d really like to try them if I can buy a loo,.


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