My Peg Loom book won’t be published until 2017

I am utterly aghast.

My lovely, but now ~former~ editor has just let me know that Stackpole books has been bought by another publishing company.

My book, which is in the production layout stages will now not be released until late 2017.

I am so sorry for the people who have lost their jobs, and I am also so sad that my book has been delayed for more than a year.



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26 responses to “My Peg Loom book won’t be published until 2017

  1. Oh dear, how distressing. I am unable to “like” this news!


  2. Diana Taylor

    Oh no! I was so looking forward to this book! I am so sorry, Noreen:(

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  3. Becky

    I too am sorry to hear about this delay as well as news about Stackpole Books. Crying is helpful…..may the year you have to wait pass quickly for you with other creative projects that come to you. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I do so appreciate it.

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  4. Oh, I can hear a huge collective in-drawn breath of regret. This is very sad.

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  5. Jim

    So sorry for the upset but all shall be well through the chaos. We shall prevail.

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  6. Such a disappointment! But at least it is still going to be published.

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  7. Marilou

    Noreen I am so sorry to her this news.

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  8. Patricia

    I am so sorry Noreen , your so talented and I am sure your book will be out there in the world soon, sometimes these things happen for a reason, you might not see it yet but one day you might look back and see that something better comes out of this time.. peace and love


    • Thank you so much, Patricia. Yesterday was a bad day, but today, I am going to get myself moving forward again. And, all shall be well….


      • Irene Weiler

        Doesn’t the publisher have any obligation to you? Even if it was bought out I would think they would have to follow contracts with clients. Perhaps another publisher could do it sooner? It seems like you should be able to pull out if it takes that long with the new publisher. Amazon does some kind of publishing, maybe you could check with them.


        • No, I cannot pull out. I can only hope for the best. I have received my advance on royalties, and there’s always a clause in the publisher’s favor that says that they will do it in their own time. Fingers crossed.


  9. Irene Weiler

    It seems like the new publisher should have to honor the old contracts. I preordered the book. Are you not even sure if it will get published at all?


  10. endrickwater

    I know I’m not the only one waiting for this book! Since it’s been more than a year, I thought I’d ask the publisher (I’m an editor, so fearless in the face of the trade) when they were expecting to get this out into the world. An extremely quick and polite email by return gave the answer: 7 September 2017.
    I sincerely hope they have told YOU that, Noreen! Just in time for Christmas, so may you have joy of it.

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  11. Karen Cooper

    I saw your book on Amazon with a September release date. I’m certain it will be well worth the wait. I hope they will let us preview it soon with a look inside.

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    • It’s heading to the printer fairly soon…. and yes, once it’s printed, I would assume that they will do the ‘Look Inside’ feature. I am so excited! I have seen the ‘almost final’ version of the cover… things are still somewhat changing, but we’re getting close! Wheee!


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