Whimsical Woven Folkloric Sheep

After I designed the goofy dancing sheep LINK, I thought…. hmmm…. I really should weave some sheep with their feet on the ground.

So, I started the way I always do…. by sketching and noodling and asking myself: ‘What if?’  and, ‘Could I do this or that?’

And, after many iterations (aka: I tried this that and the other and they didn’t work) , I am delighted that I have finally

completed the design and made the  pattern for Fleur:

and Bellissa:

Fleur and Bellissa are whimsical Folkloric inspired sheep to weave on weaving sticks or a peg loom.

The finished size is determined by the diameter of weaving stick that you choose and the thickness of the yarn.

I want to weave a technicolor flock with every permutation and combination of colors and textures and hand spun yarns and art yarns and rovings, and, and, and…

They make me laugh, which is always a good thing.

Here’s the LINK to the pattern in my etsy shop:


The end. LOL.   Well, Bellissa’s ‘end’  🙂   Happy weaving!



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6 responses to “Whimsical Woven Folkloric Sheep

  1. It can be a good thing when the end is in sight, especially when it is as delightful a sit-upon as Belissa’s!

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  2. Oh, I LOVE the butt-end of the woven sheep! It made me smile so hard. This is a wonderful way to understand whimsy!


  3. Thank you so much and LOL… it makes me chuckle, too!


  4. phoenixfibercreations

    Ms. Noreen, you have truly outdone yourself with these delightful, sweet, silly, shaggy sheep!!! I love them! I think they are my favorite things I have seen you make, not that I have seen everything yet. There is just something sweet, happy and innocent about them. I can use a dose of that. I would love to get a pattern and try to make some like that for a wall hanging for my grandbaby’s room… or my little girl’s… or…MINE! Yes, My room. I can use some smiles in my room. :)) Thank you for sharing, Noreen.

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