Needle book woven on the Thumbelina loom

Many of our friends are in the process of selling and buying houses, and moving to new homes.

We’re holding them in our hearts and wishing them the most joyful time in their new ‘Home Sweet Home’.

So, it’s natural that my tapestry diary would be about home sweet home.

I had an ‘aha’ moment when it struck me that using the ‘Home Sweet Home’ tapestry diary piece as the front cover of a needle book would be a fun thing to do.

What’s a needle book?  It’s a way of storing and carrying your craft and sewing needles so they don’t get lost in a project bag or box or disappear inside a  pincushion.

So…. tahdah!

A ‘Home Sweet Home’ needle book woven on the Thumbelina loom…

Thumbelina Needle book 8 (c)

In order to weave the spine of the needlebook, you need to be able to weave a narrow rectangle on the Thumbelina,

so, I made a video on how to make the Thumbelina Needle book.

And, the video shows how to weave the narrow band:

Thumbelina Needle book 8 a (c)

Here’s the needle book open:

Thumbelina Needle book 9 (c)

Here’s the video:


By the way, you don’t have to weave a little tapestry for the cover of the needle book…. plain is fine, too!

Happy weaving!




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4 responses to “Needle book woven on the Thumbelina loom

  1. Really charming design, Noreenie!
    I’m getting ready for a fairy-themed show, so some of your Thumbelina ideas ring bells. I’ve also just (finally) replaced my lost set of Igolochkoy needles, but not sure I’ll have time to use them much in next 3 weeks!

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  2. Laura-Lynn

    I am so in love with this sweet idea! I can’t wait to try this! I have been really enjoying this sweet little loom! Your ideas are always so fun! And you make them easy for a “non-artist” to understand and try! Noreen……Amazon is telling me that your Peg Loom book will be released on June 1st? Is that true? I can’t wait to see your lovely peg loom book! So I am hoping that is correct! Hooray for all you do! You make so many people happy! and lil’ doggies happy too! 🙂

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    • Hi Laura-Lynn, I am so delighted that you are enjoying the Thumbelina loom- I am in love with this dear little loom and am delighting in designing for it! Thank you so much for your kind words- they mean a lot to me! No, sadly, the book is not going to be released June 1- it would have been, but Stackpole Books was bought by another company. They haven’t told me when it will be released, but when I went to, it says ‘Sept 29, 2017’, 😦
      Ah well, I will just carry on designing and enjoying myself and coming up with more fun things 🙂
      Big hugs- hope you and yours are all well and blooming! 🙂


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