Weaving with copper wire on weaving sticks

I have been wondering if I could weave with copper wire on my weaving sticks…. there’s a reason- I want a band woven with copper wire for a new piece.

And, the answer is, ‘Yes!’.

weaving with wire on weaving sticks

weaving with wire on weaving sticks.

I made a little video about it:

Here are the links to the sources of the weaving sticks that I used in the video:

Dew berry Ridge https://www.dewberryridge.com/products/weaving-sticks 

Daegrad makes metal weaving sticks that are very thin and strong:




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8 responses to “Weaving with copper wire on weaving sticks

  1. Hi Noreen, I have crocheted with copper and coated wire, and found that the wire can mark the surface of the hook so it cannot be used for yarn again. How have the weaving sticks stood up to this as wood is much softer than a metal hook, or does the action of sliding the woven wire down the stick keep the wood smooth? Its put me off trying to do a lot of things with wire. Love your willingness to experiment!

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    • I held off for quite awhile, mulling over the negatives of working with wire: It hurts your tendons, can damage equipment etc… but I reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to try it, so I went ahead, and was really pleased to see that it didn’t damage the weaving sticks at all! I think because there is no torsion on the weaving sticks like there is on a crochet hook. I would only work with wire on weaving sticks and not on a peg loom, though because of the tendency of the pegs to pull in…. advancing the wire could be really challenging. All in all, I was really pleased with the outcome!

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  3. Lora

    I did not understand where you said you obtained the metal weaving sticks and where they can be purchased. I would really rather try weaving with wire on them instead of my wooden sticks.


  4. ebony Roberts

    Can u show how to warp the needles with the yarn before wrapping please.


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