Thumbelina Loom Bunny

I love the wild rabbits that lope about on our street.

When I saw one the other day, I thought: Oh! Must design a rabbit to weave on the Thumbelina loom to include on the ‘Garden Shawl’.

I was thinking:  Elegant, mid leap, long and lean wild hare.

Well….. that’s not at all what emerged as I worked and re-worked the design.


Thumbelina Bunny (c)

is what wanted to ‘come through’ from the Thumbelina loom.

Who am I to argue?

I love them.

They really delight me.

Here’s how to weave my darling little Bunnies:

Thumbelina looms are available from Dewberry Ridge looms.  I designed them, but don’t make them. LINK

Happy Hoppy Weaving! 🙂





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2 responses to “Thumbelina Loom Bunny

  1. These bunnies are having a party! Bless you for letting them being and not making them be somebody else…

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