Thumbelina Loom – How to Weave a Flower Fairy

My Garden Shawl wouldn’t be complete without some Flower Fairies….

Thumbelina Flower Fairy (c) 1. jpg

Here’s how I made them:



The Flower Garden Fairies can be worn as pins, stitched to shawls, (like these ones will be), stitched to hats, pillows, bags, curtains, afghans….. whatever your heart desires!



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4 responses to “Thumbelina Loom – How to Weave a Flower Fairy

  1. These are DANCING fairies – look at them go!

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  2. Poor Clare Colettines TMD

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I thought they were insects haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shes very clever


    • Yes, the Flower Faeries travel incognito by making us think that they are insects, and by flying so fast that we can’t actually see them, unless we are very lucky, or are weavers…… 🙂


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