Thumbelina Loom – How to Weave a Hedgehog

The Hedgehog

Thumbelina Loom Hedgehog 2 (c)

is the last in the series of fanciful beings that I designed to be woven on the Thumbelina loom and appliqued to my Garden Shawl.




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4 responses to “Thumbelina Loom – How to Weave a Hedgehog

  1. griffonsong

    How utterly charming! The puppy was worried the hedgehog was going to be too prickly for her to play with, but it turns out the hedgehog is entirely soft and not at all prickly. They are both very grateful.

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    • They are! And, I am, too, because I have finished the Garden Shawl! Just working on the slide show of it right now…. I ended up making a slide show because there were carpenters being very noisy next door, and their language was loud and intense…. ahem…. so…. silence can be golden…. slides it is!


  2. Poor Clare Colettines TMD


    Even you and I could do that haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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