Hexagon Loom Weaving- Mandala- Tapestry in a circle

I love weaving tapestries on small looms, and the hexagon loom is no exception.

Because of the nature of the hexagon loom, it’s perfect for weaving in a circle, working round and round.

I’ve been weaving tapestry (the warp strands are all covered, only the weft strands show) on the hexagon loom, in a circle.

I call this, ‘Mandala technique’, as you can weave beautiful mandalas this way.

Mandalas are meant to be meditative, and this technique is very contemplative, as well as being a lot of fun.

I’ve made a video tutorial, showing how to weave the mandala technique.

Gamers who make their own hexagon tiles will be able to use this technique to make one of a kind, absolutely gorgeous tiles for their games.

The hexagon in the video was woven on the 4 inch hexagon loom from Dewberry Ridge Looms LINK

Mandala technique works on all sizes of the hexagon looms.

The metallic threads are from Kreinik Threads LINK

Happy weaving!



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6 responses to “Hexagon Loom Weaving- Mandala- Tapestry in a circle

  1. Karen Cooper

    Absolutely beautiful, but then, everything you make, is. So could you use this in the manner of a miniature Lily speed o weave loom too?

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  2. Donna Stuart

    Is there no end to your incredible talents! You are amazing! I have been trying all sorts of things and buying looms to try new projects. I realize that not everything needs to be made big! Small is great too!


    • Thank you so much, Donna- I am a huge believer in the wonderfulness of small looms. The finished size of any project is never determined by the size of the loom it’s woven on. The imagination and creativity of the weaver is the key to the finished piece 🙂


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