Triangle Loom Shawl woven on every other nail

I made a video tutorial showing how to weave on every other nail on the triangle loom when weaving with bulky yarns.

This creates an open lacy weave that drapes beautifully.

The shawl was woven on the 7 foot Dewberry Ridge Triangle loom,using super bulky yarn made by spinning together cotton threads with knitting machine and lace weight yarns.

The every other nail technique also works fine when 2 or 3 strands of medium or fine yarns are held together as if they are a single strand.
This is a very quick and easy way to weave a soft and drapey shawl.

The shawl in the video is a prayer (compassion) shawl made for a dear friend when she lost her Dad.

She loves the shawl, so I am pleased, because of course, I want her to feel that there is love in every stitch and that she can wrap herself in that love whenever she needs it.

Details: I spun a super bulky yarn by combining  7 strands of very fine crochet cotton and knitting machine boucle yarn- cotton and acrylic, on a bulky head spinner. The wpi is 5 wraps per inch. I plied it so it is 14 strands thick.

Here’s the video:



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6 responses to “Triangle Loom Shawl woven on every other nail

  1. this shawl looks as if it would land on the shoulders of your friend with all the lightness and tenderness of the prayer you are offering her.

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  2. All of your work is so beautiful and inspirational. I bought the Dewberry Ridge 7 foot loom and it arrived this week. I feel so dumb but I can’t figure out the screw pieces that fit between pieces. I can’t seem to get them tight enough. I assemble it then lift and the weight isn’t supported enough to keep the pieces flush together. I sent a seller message but have not heard back. I’m so anxious to weave but I don’t want to damage my loom. Could you help me? I originally decided on the Dewberry after watching your YouTube videos.


    • Hi Holly Elizabeth-Jean
      My loom came with an allen key wrench that tightens up the clamping screws beautifully- you put the allen wrench into the little hexagonal hole and turn it until it is locked tight and the clamping screw is rock solid in the two shallow holes on either side of the joint. Hopefully, your loom came with one, too, otherwise, you’ll have to go to the hardware store and buy one that fits. The clamp-screw thingies (I don’t know their correct name) are a brilliant invention. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out how they work so you can get up and weaving asap. I love my tri loom, and I hope that you’ll have a great time weaving on it!


      • You are amazing! Mine was missing an Allen wrench but I have dozens of them and one fits. It all makes sense now! Thank you for your help. Again I find you inspirational and hopefully I’ll be weaving beautiful projects and gifts for people and myself soon.

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  3. I am so glad that you have an allen wrench…. they are essential! And, yay! Your loom should be up and running in no time. I love that i can switch sizes so quickly and easily. Although, lately, the 4 ft size is my fave. Happy weaving!!! 🙂


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