Teneriffe Lace Fairy

The Teneriffe Lace Fairy is today’s installment of the Teneriffe Lace Weave Along.

I loved designing her and hope that you will enjoy making her.

She’s beautiful when made in other colors, as well as in plain white or ecru.


The Teneriffe Lace Fairy is woven on both the square Teneriffe Lace Loom and the Triangular Teneriffe Lace Loom.

The wings are made by using the ‘how to’ for the second Teneriffe Lace Butterfly: LINK

Here’s the how to video:

The complete list of all the how to videos for the Teneriffe Lace Weave Along is at LINK 

To buy the looms from Dewberry Ridge Looms, please go to: LINK



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3 responses to “Teneriffe Lace Fairy

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  2. How beautiful! I can just see her flitting above the flowers!

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