Teneriffe Lace Angel -Teneriffe Lace Weave Along

The Teneriffe Lace Weave Along continues with a Teneriffe Lace Angel.

I have always loved paper dolls, and when I was designing this angel and the fairy from the previous 2 posts, I felt like I was making Teneriffe Lace paper dolls!

The Teneriffe Lace Angel can be hung in a window or on a wall or in a plant or a Christmas tree or they can become part of a freeform lace project or stitched to a bag or pillow or curtain or garment….

The sky is the limit…  wherever they take your imagination!

The components that are used to make the Teneriffe Lace Angel are all shown in how to videos in previous installments of the Teneriffe Lace Weave Along: L I N K S

Here’s the how to video:

And, here is the link to purchase the looms that I designed and Dewberry Ridge Looms makes:





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3 responses to “Teneriffe Lace Angel -Teneriffe Lace Weave Along

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  2. thecraftingsenior

    Very pretty!


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