Teneriffe Lace Weave Along Mermaid

I love Mermaids, so of course, I had to design a Mermaid for the Teneriffe Lace Weave Along.

There are several ways to make her- you can use either triangles or dewdrop shapes for her fins and you can do the more tightly shaped lower body on the left or the wider body on the right.

If you don’t like the ‘Fairy Hair’ option, you can use the Dewdrop shape for her hair.

Here’s the video showing how to make the Teneriffe Lace Mermaid:





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3 responses to “Teneriffe Lace Weave Along Mermaid

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  2. Carlie Holdredge

    These are great, can’t wait to try one. Thanks for your inspirations.

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