Wearing my heart on my sleeve- 4 and 6 inch Heart Looms

I am so pleased!   I’ve been working with Donna and Gary McFarland of Dewberry Ridge Looms to create some absolutely lovely new Heart Looms.

They are 4 inches and 6 inches and have a wider sett than the tiny 2 inch looms.

This means that you can weave thicker yarns, roving, fabric strips, t shirt yarn on them. Lots of eco-friendly options!

And on the 6 inch Heart loom, you can even weave potholder loops, too.

One of the first things that I did with them was to mend my much loved, and very well worn woven jacket by stitching and felting one of the hearts to repair a frayed section on the sleeve.

Here are the links to buy the looms:




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2 responses to “Wearing my heart on my sleeve- 4 and 6 inch Heart Looms

  1. Becca

    Hi there! I just found your blog and I am loving it so far, 🙂 love your quirky character Tottie Tomato, and all your unique projects. Was wondering if you ever created children books based on Tottie Tomato? That would work so well. The style I was thinking something like the Gumby era claymation would go great
    I’ve been going through all the archives, looks like they go as far back as 2008; so cool.
    I tried to do one of your small comfort bears and did horribly, haha it was my first try at a toy and I just winged it most of the way, but it was fun and yours were great


    • Hi Becca, Thank you for your kind words! Sorry that you had a hard time with the comfort bears- have you checked out my video about making comfort bears? Perhaps that would help. And, yes, writing a book about Tottie Tomato is on my to-do list – although not right now, as I am working to deadlines on 2 new books and a solo show of my tapestries, so I am immersed in those right now. 🙂


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