Questions about Potholder Looms

I was asked a couple of good questions about potholder looms and potholder loom weaving in the last few days.

One question was about how to decide what size of potholder loom is best.

The other question is about  loops?  yarn?  fabric strips?

Here’s the video:

The book is available for pre-ordering from all the online booksellers and will be available in bookstores in early 2020. Here’s a link: L I N K

And here are links to order potholder looms:

Harrisville Designs

Dewberry Ridge

 The book is available worldwide online from online booksellers and in bookstores.

Happy Weaving!



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2 responses to “Questions about Potholder Looms

  1. Karen

    Looking forward to the book. I have a question. Do you think the Martha Stewart looms that you’ve used before could be fashioned into the sizes of the looms you use in your book?


    • Hi Karen, You should be able to get fairly close in size to the sizes of the potholder looms, but the sett won’t be the same, so you will have to adjust for that. Some of the patterns won’t work on the Martha Stewart looms because they are based on having the exact number of nails or pegs at the specific sett of the potholder looms. But others should be okay if you are willing to sample, swatch and adjust. Personally, I would go with the potholder looms 🙂


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