The Mighty Big Mamma Potholder loom- yay!

I am so delighted to introduce a wonderful, yummy new potholder loom:

The Mighty Big Mamma Potholder Loom  🙂

She’s a 36 nail potholder loom that weaves a 12 inch square.

The Mighty Big Mamma Potholder Loom is in response to people asking for a bigger potholder loom than the pro size (27 nail loom).

I thought long and hard about what would make the Mighty Big Mama a sweetheart of a loom to weave on, and Gary McFarland of Dewberry Ridge looms has put everything that I asked for into the making of her.

There are some tricks to weaving with the Mighty Big Mamma, so I am making a series of videos about her,.

The first video shows  how to weave tabby (plain weave) in the ‘4 Square’ pattern with the help of a very pleasing shed stick.

Here’s the first video:

I love this loom!

Happy Weaving!


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