Farewell to the Queen

When an Elder of great wisdom, panache and grace moves through to the end of her days, it creates an energy wave through the collective unconscious.

I have been contemplating the metaphoric and psychological impact of the passing of the Queen, and have been surprised by how deeply saddened I am by her death.

Even though our closest contact with her have been the images of her that we carry in our pockets and the stamps that carry our mail to and fro…..

there is still a grieving process for her moving on….

it brings up the deaths and grieving for the ones that we are close to and miss so deeply.

The tiny Paddington in my photo has been part of my life for more than 40 years, and is looking his age.

He wishes her blessings upon her journey, too!


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6 responses to “Farewell to the Queen

  1. Cindy Adams

    Very well spoken!!

    Even without the stamps and images in our pockets, she will be greatly missed!!



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  2. Karen Cooper

    It is so refreshing to read an article from someone who appreciated Queen Elizabeth instead of the unkind and some downright hateful things that have filled the media. She was truly a great lady!!

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  3. Nancy Buettner

    In Nebraska, central USA, we are grieving with you. Your queen was a great woman and inspiration to so many. Sympathy and 🙏to you.


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