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How to weave a vest on the Triangle Loom- Part 1

I love my triangle loom, and enjoy figuring out ways of working with it that stretch it’s creative possibilities.

Tri Loom Vest Title

Tri Loom Vest Title A

It struck me that I should be able to weave a vest on it if I warped  and wove it in an ‘alternative’ way.

And, I was right!

I call it: The Dragonfly Dreams vest.

Bias weave vest by Noreen Crone-Findlay

The vest is embellished with dragonflies and Thumbelina loom flowers, as well as woven hearts.

Because it’s bias weave, it drapes like a dream.

Tri Loom Vest back (c)

I did Leno lace on the back and wove ‘Tuxedo Tails’ at the lower back hem edge.

Patient Zillah, my cardboard mannequin has a bump on her back because of the stand she’s on, so there’s a slightly odd wonkiness showing, but that’s the stand, not the vest.

The back of the collar is open, as that makes the vest drape better.  (The opening is woven in.)

The pockets are woven on the potholder loom, and embellished with dragonflies  and flowers woven on the Thumbelina loom.  I also used a vintage Crazy Daisy flower loom to finish the flowers.

Tri Loom Vest Title sizes

Tri Loom Vest Titles 1a


7 foot triangle loom (mine’s from Dewberry Ridge looms: LINK)

Potholder loom  (also from Dewberry Ridge Looms: LINK )

Thumbelina Loom from Dewberry Ridge Looms: LINK

Dragonfly Loom from Dewberry Ridge Looms: LINK

Heart loom from Dewberry Ridge Looms: LINK

Lucet from my etsy shop: LINK

Yarn:  I used worsted weight yarn, approximately 400 gms

Crochet hook, scissors, ruler, rubber bands, 2 stitch markers, long shoe laces,  shed sticks (I have a selection of narrow wooden shed sticks that I have made from unfinished wood. Unfinished wood is better as it sticks in place better than super slick varnished wood.  The longest one is about 42 inches long -slightly longer than a meter), dowels to use as shed sticks, tapestry needle, 2 clamps to secure the loom to the stand, 1 spring clamp, large binder clip, straight pins.

Very handy, but optional: Clamp on lights, a stool that has wheels on it.

Here is Video #1:

Part 2 is in the next post.

Happy weaving!


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