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My Book is Done! Time to teach some Dragonfly Workshops

The last couple of years have been the most intensely hard work as I have worked day and night to complete 2 books.

And, now, Hurrah! they are both done.   Well…. they are in the hands of my publisher and one of them is at the type-setters, which means that I will have a last chance to run my eyes over it soon before it goes to the printer.

The book that I have just finished (ahead of schedule! ) is now in the hands of my editor, which means that she will do hard work on it, and then more editors and other clever and gifted folks will work on it too.  Then, it will be time for revisions and tweaking and all manner of this-ing and that-ing before it hits the shelves.

So, to celebrate the ‘done-ness’ for now-ness of my books, I am going to teach some workshops in my studio in September.

I love dragonflies, so I have opted to teach workshops on weaving dragonflies on little looms that I designed and make.

I’ve been busy as a bee, sewing up pouches for the kits:

and making up dragonflies in interesting yarns and not-yarns (hand spun paper, t-shirt yarn and other upcycled things)

One of my favorite dragonflies is made from silk fabric from a scrap left over when my daughter made her wedding dress years ago- I’ve been waiting for the perfect project for it, and have just torn some strips from the scrap so I could weave a dragonfly with them.   It’s gorgeous!

Silkworms worked so hard to spin the silk for this dragonfly!  Bless their little hearts!

It’s such a delight to be changing gears and re-directing my life away from relentless book writing!

I’ve posted information on Facebook for Edmonton AB folks who want to join me in my studio for some delightful weaving.   facebook.com/NoreenCroneFindlayDesigns

And now that I am re-entering a more normal life, I plan on blogging more frequently.

I’m busting my chops working on new tapestries for an upcoming solo show of my work, so I’ll post pics of them soon, too.

Until then, big hugs all round! 🙂


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How to weave a vest on the Triangle loom- Part 2

In my previous post, LINK, I showed how to set up the loom, warp and start the weaving.

I posted the list of materials and equipment that you need to weave a bias vest on the 7 foot triangle loom.

In this video, I show how to finish the weaving, including:

Tri Loom Vest Title Leno

Here is the second video:

Happy weaving!


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Garden Shawl woven on Triangle loom

For a couple of months now, I have been working on a large project…

Garden Shawl  1 A(c)

I wove a shawl on my 7 foot Triangle loom from Dewberry Ridge looms:

Triangle loom notched neckline shawl (c)

And have been designing and weaving all manner of motifs on the Thumbelina, heart, dragonfly and 2 inch Wiz looms, to stitch to it:

Garden Shawl  1 (c)

I really don’t like gardening anymore, and would much rather be weaving…

Garden Shawl  1 B(c)

So, I have created a garden on a shawl…

Garden Shawl  1 C(c)

To wrap myself in Garden pleasures all year round.

Garden Shawl  1 D (c)

That’s a dragonfly shawl pin that I made.

All the links to the videos to weave all the motifs are here on my blog and on my youtube channel,

so if you would like to weave yourself a fantasy garden, too, you can!

Just click on the Thumbelina category and follow those, or simply click on the back arrow, and you can scroll backwards to find all the tutorials.

Here’s a video slide show of the shawl:

The looms are all built by Dewberry Ridge Looms LINK


I am now moving deeply into a commissioned tapestry, so I won’t be here quite as often as I have been in the last few weeks, but I will be back!

Blessings until then!

Happy Weaving!


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