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Potholder Loom Techniques- The Lower Left Hand Corner and a gift

Yesterday, I was so touched to receive a lovely package in the mail.

In the package, there were 2 vintage/antique Teneriffe Lace looms (Polka looms) and books and several other treasures.

It’s a lovely gift! Thank you so much Camilla!

In the package there was also a lovely letter thanking me for all my hard work.

Also, there was a question about the lower left hand corner of the weaving on the Potholder Loom.    I think that this corner of the weaving may be problematic for people, so I am glad that she asked about it.

So, here’s the video explaining the long loop, and at the end of the video, there is a small glimpse at all the treasures in the package.  I am so grateful for this unexpected act of kindness.  Wow….

PS:  There are also a few of the wooden dolls that I love to carve. I couldn’t resist including them in the video 😀


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