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Thumbelina Loom Tapestry Diary Tiny Dog

Today’s Tapestry Diary is ‘Tiny Dog’.

A small dog  with a huge heart.

A small dog with a huge heart.

This is an homage to a very small dog that we are caring for while his people are dealing with tough stuff.

Raeleen has had a liver transplant and other surgery, so we are helping out by caring for their darling little dog for as long as they need us to.

We have fallen completely in love with him, and he is doing just brilliantly.

It will be hard to have him go home again, but it will also be perfectly fabulous, because it will mean that Rae is well enough to be back at home!

We live in amazing times- medical expertise is astonishing, and our friends are going to have more years together because of that, and I feel blessed.

I was thinking about the miracles around us, and about the love that connects us all- to friends, to animal companions, to family in all the ways it is created. It fills me with gratitude.

To put those thoughts into stitches, I wove this tiny tapestry of a small dog who brings much love into the world, using my Thumbelina loom. LINK

I tried something new- I added a twisted cord (I used the Thumbelina loom to make it… I must show how I did that!) to the outside edge.

And, then I pressed it.  Derp.

STEAM tapestry – don’t PRESS it!  the lovely corded edge went all floopy from being pressssssssed.  sigh.

I know that!  I know that….

Trying to get the detail of a Chihuahua face into that small a space proved verrrrrrrrrrrrrry challenging.

That’s okay…. that’s part of the ‘permission form’ with Tapestry diaries:

Feel free to try things and see how it goes- even if it’s not technically perfect, it’s still a learning time, and a time out of the day for quiet contemplation and meditation, so Win/Win.

Here’s to love, in all the ways it shows up! ❤



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