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#Inktober2016 – Day 14

I am feeling VERY happy because yesterday, I finished a large commissioned tapestry that I have been working hard on for more than 3 months.

So, I am able now to get to a list of projects and designs that have been on hold for those 3 months

Today, we had a huge snowstorm- well, I don’t think it was a storm in the city, because the rain and snow all came straight down without any evidence of wind and it wasn’t that cold…. but…. wowsa…. MUCH, much snow!

Jim and I spent some quality time shoveling the wet heavy snow.

While I was shoveling, I was thinking about a little bunny that I have designed to weave on my Thumbelina loom.

So, of course, she showed up in today’s #Inktober sketch:


Alright, snow is shoveled, tea is made, time to weave….



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A little ink drawing every day- Day 13

Day 13 of inktober 2016 is all about a whole lot of happy dancing….


May joy bubble up in your day, too!

Keep on doing what makes you happy…. ❤


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