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How to weave a Bumble Bee on the Thumbelina loom

I am weaving  a shawl on my 7 ft triangle loom that is an homage to summer.

I’m embellishing it with all kinds of motifs that I have woven on my Thumbelina loom.

Thumbelina Bumblebee 1 (c)

The body of the bumble bee is woven with the clasped weft technique.

I’ve made a video showing how I did it, but thought that some still photos might be helpful, too:

Here, the Thumbelina is warped with crochet cotton:

Thumbelina Bumblebee 3 (c)

In this photo, I have woven the body – and have started pulling in on the weaving to shape it.

The outside warp strands have been moved to the adjacent nails.

Thumbelina Bumblebee 4 (c)

Her abdomen is woven:

Thumbelina Bumblebee 5 (c)

The lower part of the head is woven, ready to complete the head.

Thumbelina Bumblebee 6 (c)

Each wing is woven in two petal shaped parts and stitched to the body.

Happy weaving!

Note: if you want to make a stuffed Bumble Bee, then weave a second body section and stitch them together and stuff them before adding the wings and eyes.


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