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Triangle Loom – Weaving on the Bias and Working an Opening at the Neck

This video tutorial shows 2 techniques that I have figured out for weaving on the triangle loom.

Triangle loom notched neckline shawl (c)

The first technique is a way of weaving bias on the tri loom, based on how I weave on potholder looms.

I really like this technique because of all the creative potential it offers.

I’ll be posting more videos about it, showing more of the things that can be done with it.

The second technique shows how to weave a shaped neckline on the triangle loom.

Weaving a notched opening at the neck makes the shawl fit much better, and gives a lovely turned collar.

I am covering this shawl with appliqued motifs that I have woven on my Thumbelina loom to create an homage to Gardens.

I will post a video of the Garden Shawl when it’s done.
NOTE: Sorry about the sound going all muffled at times…. I was wrestling with the camera while weaving, so please just forgive me and don’t bother posting complaints about the bad sound unless you are sending money to buy better equipment. I’ll do better next time.

By the way, I have the loom set up to the 7 foot configuration for this shawl.

The loom and stand are from: https://www.dewberryridge.com/collections/triangle-looms

It’s a joy to weave with!

Happy, happy weaving!


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