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Thumbelina Loom Clasped Weft weaving techniques

Clasped weft is one of my favorite weaving techniques.

Clasped weft weaving on th e Thumbelina loom.

Clasped weft weaving on th e Thumbelina loom.

I  have  developed a way of weaving clasped wefts on the Thumbelina loom  that is ingenious and fun!

Why weave with just one color in a row when you can easily weave with more?

Clasped weft weaving is a way of catching one strand of weft with another strand of weft to give you 2 colors in one row.

This allows you to weave all kinds of color patterns that can look quite complex, really quickly and easily.

This video tutorial shows how to weave several clasped weft variations on the tiny Thumbelina loom.

You can also use this unique approach on other small looms.

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Happy Weaving!

Here’s the video tutorial:


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