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Video tutorial- How to weave geometric motifs on the peg loom

My newest video tutorial is all about how to weave geometric motifs on the peg or stick weaving loom.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-fndlay.com

I use the gorgeous new Peg Loom from Dewberry Ridge looms.

I asked Gary and Donna McFarland if they could build peg looms with some of my specifications in mind, they said yes.

Gary outdid himself- the looms are incredibly beautiful.

And wonderful to weave on.

Totally swoonworthy.

Here’s the link to purchase their peg looms:  LINK

In the tutorial, I cover how to weave the following on the peg loom:

-Wide and narrow horizontal lines and stripes

-Vertical stripes

-Horizontal triangles

-Sawtooth pattern

-Large checkerboard

-Small checks


-hourglass motif

And, here’s the video:


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