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A week of #inktober sketches Days 15 to 22

This has been an incredibly busy week, so I have just posted my inktober drawings to facebook:, but haven’t blogged them.

So, here is a catchup post: Days 15 – 22  of #inktober2016

Day 15:


Day 16:


Day 17:


Day 18:


Day 19:


Day 20:


Day 21


Day 22:


I find that participating in challenges is a very rich experience…. sticking to a promise that I have made to myself is very good for flexing the commitment muscles.

And, a pattern language emerges that leads to other creative expressions.

So, even though these tiny drawings are obviously done very quickly, and some of them are certainly less than stellar, it’s still worthwhile to continue the practice.   I enjoy seeing how  thoughts, feelings, contemplations, the books I am reading, the other work and life in general is reflected in a few little lines  and splashes of ink.

Yes… a worthwhile practice indeed….  🙂



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Inktober- A Little Drawing Every Day- Day 6

Wow… I never know who is going to pop up when I sit down to do my #Inktober2016 drawing.

I have fallen in love with these quirky little people….

Day 6 #Inktober

Quirky Little Family stops to talk about the moon..... by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

Quirky Little Family stops to talk about the moon….. by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

I am sketching for inspiration for weaving tiny tapestries on my Thumbelina loom, but have decided that some of these drawings will be perfect for larger tapestries, too.

I have a lot of weaving wanting me to get to it!


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