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Mermaid tapestry mostly woven on hexagon looms

I love Mermaids, and I love weaving them.

This Mermaid has been tapping me on the shoulder for months, asking to be woven, so I made a plan.

I carefully chose my colorways when I was making all the ‘how to’ videos on the hexagon loom, (see previous posts) so that I could use them to build a Mermaid tapestry.

And, here she is:  Sophia is her name:

She’s about 44 inches tall.

She includes techniques for weaving tapestry technique, mandala (tapestry woven in the round), Teneriffe and floral motifs on hexagon looms  as well as a little help from the Vasilisa and Mollie Whuppie looms.

The glittery narrow band that outlines her body was woven on my little narrow band rigid heddle loom, using Kreinik metallic threads.

This tapestry is a one of a kind piece, and there are no patterns for her.

The looms and latchet lucet are from Dewberry Ridge looms, and the metallic threads are from Kreinik threads.

My friend asked me to please photograph the process of how I was weaving the mermaid tapestry, so I have – although I was well into the project by the time I started the photographing.

Anyhow- here’s a video showing glimpses of the hundreds of hours I put into weaving Sophia, the Mermaid, tapestry:



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Hexagon Loom Weaving- Teneriffe Lace Starburst Motif on the 6 inch hexagon loom

Lace making is one of my favorite things.

Weaving Teneriffe lace on hexagon looms is fun and quite easy.

I’ve made a  video tutorial that shows how to weave the Starburst motif in Teneriffe Lace on the 6 inch Hexagon loom from Dewberry Ridge Looms.

The motif can also be woven on 4 inch hexagons or any size hexagon loom.

The Starburst motif can also be woven on circular looms, too.

Teneriffe lace can be woven in any color:

The basics of how to warp the hexagon loom for Teneriffe lace and to work the running stitch at the center of the motif are covered in the Teneriffe openwork video


The motifs were woven on Dewberry Ridge looms: LINK

Kreinik metallic threads were used to add sparkle and lustre: LINK

Happy Lace making and happy weaving!

By the way:

The finished motifs can be used in all kinds of ways-

The Hexagon Shawl  LINK  would work beautifully in Teneriffe lace.

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Hexagon Loom weaving- Teneriffe Lace on 4 inch hexagon loom

I love weaving Teneriffe Lace on the Hexagon Loom:

Here’s a how to video that focuses on techniques that I use for basic openwork Teneriffe lace on the 4 inch Hexagon loom from Dewberry Ridge Looms.

Openwork Teneriffe is quite easy to do and moves along quickly, once you have the hang of it.

I am using Kreinik Metallic thread in the video to add more lustre and sparkle to the finished piece.

Definitely work a few motifs with thread or yarn before adding in the metallic yarn as it’s tricky to work with.

Here’s a vintage booklet from the archives of the University of Arizona:

Click to access archive_012.pdf

Techniques covered in this video:

1- Tips for working with Metallic threads.

2- How to warp the hexagon loom for circular weaving

3- How to work openwork Teneriffe lace on the hexagon loom. (I use a 4 inch loom in the video, but larger sizes work just fine for the openwork technique).

The next tutorial will show more advanced weaving techniques for Teneriffe lace on the  6 inch hexagon loom from Dewberry Ridge looms.


Happy weaving and happy lace making!

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