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How to make clean finished ends on twisted cords

Schacht Looms kindly supplied me with an Incredible Rope Machine for a book that I have written (there’s no other compensation involved by the way).

I love it- it makes wonderful twisted cords.

There are times that you want knotted cords with yarn strands at the end, but there are other times in other projects that you definitely don’t.

So, I figured out a way of making clean finished ends on the twisted cords, using the machine.

And, I forgot to say in the video that the yarn ends can be woven back into the cord and even felted in with felting needles if desired.  Sigh.  So I am telling you that now.

Here’s the video:


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How to make a Heart Ornament with the Incredible Rope Machine from Schacht

One of our Christmas traditions is to make ornaments to give to our family and close friends.

This year, my husband and I are making hearts using the Incredible Rope Machine from Schacht.

It’s the neatest tool… it looks like something Leonardo da Vinci would have invented.

I made a video showing how to make the hearts:


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