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Thumbelina Loom Tapestry Techniques and Tips

I have been enjoying weaving tiny tapestries on the Thumbelina loom so much!

A tiny heart tapestry on the Thumbelina loom.

A tiny heart tapestry on the Thumbelina loom.

People have been asking me to show them how to weave tapestry techniques on the Thumbelina.

heart tapestry still 2 (c)

Little heart tapestry with vertical and horizontal stripes

Here’s a YouTube video that I made to show some techniques and tips for weaving tapestries  on the Thumbelina Loom.

I hope that this video will inspire you to try some fun things on your Thumbelina loom!

Here is the cartoon for weaving the heart shown in the video:

heart tapestry still  3(c)

Print it so that each little template/cartoon is about 2 1/2 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide.

Here’s the link to order them from Dewberry Ridge looms.   I designed the Thumbelina, but I don’t make or sell them.  That’s not my strong suit… designing fun things to make with the tiny looms is!   LINK 

Thumbelina has her own page on Facebook, and you are invited to join:

Thumbelina Facebook

Happy weaving!  🙂



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