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Equilateral Triangle Loom Weaving- How to make potholders and mug rugs

This how to video by Noreen Crone-Findlay shows how to make potholders and mug rugs (coasters) woven on the Equilateral Triangle looms, using techniques shown in previous ‘how to’ videos.

The potholders and mug rugs are quick and easy to weave using the Weaving techniques that she developed for the Equilateral Triangle Looms that she designed and Dewberry Ridge Looms builds.

Here’s the link to the ‘How to’ video for the potholders and mug rugs (coasters):

The link to order Equilateral Triangle looms is:


The links for all the ‘how to videos’ for all the Equilateral Triangle loom techniques as well as patterns for projects are at:


Happy Weaving!


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