Happy Girl’s Day! It’s Doll Festival Day

Today, Tuesday March 3, is a day to celebrate little girls and to wish them hope and protection.

In Japan, today is the day that elaborate displays of precious dolls are created….

Paper dolls symbolizing things that are unhappy are placed into boats and set afire, to take away the unhappiness…

And, little girls are invited to have marvelous teaparties with their friends and their dolls.

I wish I had known about this when my daughter was little, because we would have teapartied heartily!

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, so I say:

Get out your dolls and have a teaparty!

Make some paper dolls that symbolize some kind of unhappiness that you are ready to let go of, and then burn ’em.

I am going to celebrate  by sharing a picture of one of the new dolls that is in my just about to be released book:

‘Spooligarumi: Cute & Easy Spool Knitted Dolls & Toys’

Here’s the Fluffy Bunny Spooligarumi Doll – Perfect for celebrating Doll Festival Day:


My new downloadable pdf book:  Spooligarumi: Cute & Easy Spool Knitted Dolls & Toys

is now  available from my website .

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9 responses to “Happy Girl’s Day! It’s Doll Festival Day

  1. carolee

    Noreen, I love fluffy bunny!!! such a cute face. I like the idea of doll festival and tea partys, didnt know about such a celebration. I just purchased a tea set, barbie size. I read about the fact you cant paint or varnish the spoolknitters sent to the US. I found out from the owner of a thrift store I like to go to she cant sell stuffed animals or baby clothes any more because they have to be tested for lead. She said she was going to pack those items up and let the big chain thrift stores fight that battel. what a shame I have gotten some of the cuteset toys from thrift stores. I throw them all in the washing machine and if they make it through yippie!! I have only had one that fell apart in the wash. well even more reason to make some of your cute spoolknitted dolls (even with veggie heads) hehe thanks for your continuing posts.


  2. Thank you so much, Carolee!

    I hope you are going to get your new tea set out and have a teaparty in honour of Girl’s Day and Doll Festival!

    I think it’s essential to protect children from ingesting toxic chemicals, so I do support the legislation…. but it sure does make life difficult for craftspeople….

    Have a wonderful time making new little dolls and toys!


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  5. I love the ides of sending away something negative in a burning boat. What great symbolism.


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  7. Hi Eileen
    I like the idea of having a ritual of releasing negative patterns and beliefs, too….. metaphoric actions are very powerful!


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  9. This is an awesome article, Ill be adding you to my list.


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