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Woven Word Tapestries by Noreen Crone-Findlay

I am working on a series of woven tapestries and mixed media woven works that have prayers, poems and blessings woven into them.

The light hasn’t been good enough to photograph my latest piece: ‘Thank You’, so I have made a short video showing her and a few other ‘Woven Word’ pieces in the series.

I am working on several new pieces at once, and when they are done, I’ll post videos and photos of them, too.



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Whimsical Woven Folkloric Sheep

After I designed the goofy dancing sheep LINK, I thought…. hmmm…. I really should weave some sheep with their feet on the ground.

So, I started the way I always do…. by sketching and noodling and asking myself: ‘What if?’  and, ‘Could I do this or that?’

And, after many iterations (aka: I tried this that and the other and they didn’t work) , I am delighted that I have finally

completed the design and made the  pattern for Fleur:

and Bellissa:

Fleur and Bellissa are whimsical Folkloric inspired sheep to weave on weaving sticks or a peg loom.

The finished size is determined by the diameter of weaving stick that you choose and the thickness of the yarn.

I want to weave a technicolor flock with every permutation and combination of colors and textures and hand spun yarns and art yarns and rovings, and, and, and…

They make me laugh, which is always a good thing.

Here’s the LINK to the pattern in my etsy shop:

The end. LOL.   Well, Bellissa’s ‘end’  🙂   Happy weaving!


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Dancing Flat Sheep Woven on Weaving Sticks

I’ve been designing some very whimsical things for Weaving Sticks and peg looms lately….

For instance: Dancing Flat Sheep 🙂

Dancing Flat Sheep by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)


After all, with yarn, all things are possible!

So, here they are:  Happy Dancing Flat Sheep.  🙂


Dancing Flat Sheep by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)


The finished size of the Dancing Flat Sheep is determined by the size of weaving sticks or pegs and thickness of weft and warp yarns, as well as the spacing of the pegs or weaving sticks.

So, you can make wee little sheepies with very thin weaving sticks or pegs and sock and eyelash yarns:

Dancing Flat Sheep by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)


Medium sized sheepies using sport weight yarns and slightly larger weaving sticks:

Dancing Flat Sheep by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)


Go for the gusto, and do big sheepishes, using art yarns, rovings, bulky or even fabric strips or Tarn:

Dancing Flat Sheep by Noreen Crone-Findlay (c)

Have fun and Happy Dancing and Happy Weaving!


The pattern is in my etsy shop:

It must be the weather, as more whimsy is on it’s way…..


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