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This week 2 profiles and Friendship Fairies

It’s been a busy week in the studio!

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I have been working away on a new design for  some adorable little spool knitted dolls.

They are ‘The Friendship Fairies’. They’re spool knitted dolls that are a celebration of wonderful friends and relations, teachers, students, co-workers….  you name it- if there is someone who makes you feel like the world is a better place because they are here, then that’s who the ‘Friendship Fairies’ are meant to celebrate.  The pdf is available for purchase on my website at  Spoolknitting .

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Several months ago,  (sorry about the bold face type… I can’t seem to get it to stop doing that!) I was asked to share some photos of my studio and to answer some questions about where I work.   It’s been really hectic, and it took me a long time to get it done, but the post has gone live.        This pic is a photo of the alcove where I shoot my video tutorials.  Hmmm… you’d think that I could have straightened the lampshade before I took the pic…. oops…  anyhow, here’s the link:


Cherie Burbach also posted an interview with me this week. It’s here: Cherie’s Interview

Lots and lots more has been cooking up in the studio, so I’ll be posting more about it as it all ripens…


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How to spool knit with 4 pegs and cast off

People keep telling me that they have forgotten how to get themselves started with spool knitting.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

So, I have made a video tutorial on how to spool knit with a 4 peg spool knitter.  LINK


copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

And, they also ask me: ‘How do you cast off or finish your spool knitted cord?’

Good question!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to finish your spool knitted cords: LINK



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How to spool knit with 2 pegs- 3 video tutorials

I am working on designs for all kinds of spool knitted jewelry. So I have just made 3 video tutorials that explain how to spool knit 2 peg cords, as these are wonderful in jewelry making.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

2 peg cords are also great for doll and toy making as well as bag handles and other things…

Here are the videos:

Video #1: Basic 2 peg spool knitting: Link

Video #2: How to spool knit a flat link braid: Link

Video #3: More 2 peg techniques: Link

Hope you’ll find them useful!


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Talisman necklace with spool knitted cord

A few months ago, our daughter was very sick and needed surgery. It was VERY challenging- we were just wrenched by the trauma of having our beloved daughter going through such a rough experience right after having her beautiful baby.

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The Demeter/Persephone story resonated deeply with me (by the way, ‘Traveling with Pomegranates‘ by Sue Monk Kidd and Anne Kidd Taylor is a great book to learn more about Demeter and Persephone).

For many years, I have been delighted with the images of the Minoan Dewdrop or Bee Goddess images that relate directly to the Minoan Goddess of the Bees, and have made lots of things in homage to her, including shuttles and necklaces and other treasures.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I asked my daughter if she would like me to make her an amulet or talisman necklace with the Minoan Goddess of the Bees on it, as a reminder of my love for her. It’s always nice to have a physical reminder of that love, after all!

She said yes, but not a metal one, as the baby loves to grab and hold onto anything she wears, so she would prefer wood on a soft cord.

So, I drew the Minoan Goddess of the Bees onto a piece of wood, and burned it, and sanded and smoothed it.  I didn’t varnish it, just in case the baby puts it in his mouth. Olive oil or bees wax will do nicely for a baby safe finish.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

Needless to say, we wanted to make the cord baby safe too, which meant using an organic cotton.    I used Lion Brand’s Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in ‘khaki’. It spool knits beautifully.

I used my Cordelia cordmaker Link and spool knitted a 36 inch (90 cm) long cord.

I joined the ends of the cord and made a lark’s head knot to attach it to the wooden piece.

(How to make  a Lark’s head knot: Either make a fold in a cord or join the ends to make a circle. Push a loop of the cord through the hole. Pull the other end of the cord or necklace through this loop and pull up. Lark’s Head Knot completed!)

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

I love making gifts that are an expression of my love, using techniques that I find very comforting and soothing. I hope that that feeling of love and soothing energy will be carried in this necklace and that it will serve as a reminder to my beautiful daughter  that she is loved and treasured!


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Video Tutorial how to weave bias triangle on potholder loom

I love the continuous technique of weaving that I learned from triangle looms.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

It struck me that I should be able to adapt the triangle loom technique to potholder loom weaving, so I played around with it until I figured it out.

Triangles are such a neat design element that the more ways I can figure out for weaving them, the better it is.

In my book: Storytelling with Dolls, I showed a completely different way of weaving triangles on the potholder loom, using yarn.

Perhaps I will make a video of that technique, too.

And, here is the video for this version of how to weave a triangle using the bias or continuous weave technique: LINK



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