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A small video of all the Inktober drawings together

I made a small video of all the Inktober drawings that I did for this year’s challenge:



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#inktober2016 draws to a close – Days 23 to 31

Here are the drawings that I did for Days 23 – 31 of #Inktober2016:










Inktober was a pleasure.

Won’t you join me for it next year?

Get out your sketchbook and some ink…. and start drawing!

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A week of #inktober sketches Days 15 to 22

This has been an incredibly busy week, so I have just posted my inktober drawings to facebook:, but haven’t blogged them.

So, here is a catchup post: Days 15 – 22  of #inktober2016

Day 15:


Day 16:


Day 17:


Day 18:


Day 19:


Day 20:


Day 21


Day 22:


I find that participating in challenges is a very rich experience…. sticking to a promise that I have made to myself is very good for flexing the commitment muscles.

And, a pattern language emerges that leads to other creative expressions.

So, even though these tiny drawings are obviously done very quickly, and some of them are certainly less than stellar, it’s still worthwhile to continue the practice.   I enjoy seeing how  thoughts, feelings, contemplations, the books I am reading, the other work and life in general is reflected in a few little lines  and splashes of ink.

Yes… a worthwhile practice indeed….  🙂


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Woven Women- Laura

At the beginning of July 2016, my dear friend, Laura Cameron commissioned me to weave a Woven Woman Soul Portrait of her.

I have now completed the tapestry, and truly, there was love in every stitch!

It was more than 3 months of intensely hard work, but oh, my!  What joy to create it!


Here is a video I made of the tapestry before it went home:

It has been deep joy to weave this tapestry! I feel blessed 🙂


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Wooden Doll Pauline meets a London Goose

Yesterday, Miranda,  Siobhan, Coco and Thallie were wondering about their friend Pauline, who has moved to London with her Human…..


They were thrilled when Pauline’s  Person kindly  sent photos of Pauline’s outing in one of the parks in London.

Pauline began with a little exploring:



and then ambled off to the pond, where she caught the eye of a Canada Goose:


Hmmm… Small Person, do you have food?


Are you potentially a meal?


Neither.   You are a disappointment to me.

All Pauline photographs are copyright Kennie Wittebrood and are used with her permission.



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Story Door Dolls- Coco loves music

Tiny Coco loves music:


She was so excited to go to see Jim and Michael playing last week:


She enjoyed telling Miranda, Siobhan, Thallie and Pupster all about it:


Miranda and Coco chatted about how much they love music:


While Siobhan told Thallie about her adventures at the Symphony:


They all agreed that they enjoy getting out to a good concert.

Miranda sighed, and said that she hasn’t been anywhere interesting lately.

They all gazed at the tiny vintage postcards a friend in England sent them last year:


And wondered how  Great Traveler Pauline is enjoying herself in London…..


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How to make a wreath with woven flowers

A wreath is a cheerful and welcoming thing.

Here’s one that I have designed to be made with flowers woven on the Thumbelina loom.


I used autumn colors, but you can make it with colors that match any season.

Feel free to use as many flowers and leaves as you would like.

I made the wreath by tying the vines shed by a weeping birch tree.  I gathered them up, and shaped them into a circle, then wrapped the circle with thread to hold it together.  I added a twisted wire hanger at the top.

And, here’s how to make it:

Happy Weaving! Enjoy making wreaths 🙂


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How to weave a tiny toy bunny rabbit

Yesterday, I showed a sketch of a tiny toy bunny rabbit that I designed.

Here are a couple of them:


I have just uploaded the video for how to weave the toy bunny on the Dewberry Ridge Thumbelina Loom:

The bunnies are about 2 1/2 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches tall.

They are quick and easy to make and fit in a pocket or would make a great stocking stuffer.

Happy Weaving!


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#Inktober2016 – Day 14

I am feeling VERY happy because yesterday, I finished a large commissioned tapestry that I have been working hard on for more than 3 months.

So, I am able now to get to a list of projects and designs that have been on hold for those 3 months

Today, we had a huge snowstorm- well, I don’t think it was a storm in the city, because the rain and snow all came straight down without any evidence of wind and it wasn’t that cold…. but…. wowsa…. MUCH, much snow!

Jim and I spent some quality time shoveling the wet heavy snow.

While I was shoveling, I was thinking about a little bunny that I have designed to weave on my Thumbelina loom.

So, of course, she showed up in today’s #Inktober sketch:


Alright, snow is shoveled, tea is made, time to weave….


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A little ink drawing every day- Day 13

Day 13 of inktober 2016 is all about a whole lot of happy dancing….


May joy bubble up in your day, too!

Keep on doing what makes you happy…. ❤


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