Menopause Fairy and 5 peg spool knitting on 4 pegs

Recently, I noticed that -horror of horrors! – that there was a link to a dead file in my pdf pattern for the Spool knitted Menopause Fairy.  Here’s the link to the pattern in my etsy shop: LINK

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

So, I completely re-built the pattern, and added all the information that was missing, and made it all ‘oh so pretty’.


And, one of the things that I needed to do to make the Spool knitted Menopause Fairy do-able is to make a video on how to turn a 4 peg spool knitter into a 5 peg spool knitter.

So, I shot the video and here it is…. I love doing the impossible, don’t you?  LOL  😀



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8 responses to “Menopause Fairy and 5 peg spool knitting on 4 pegs

  1. Aleksa

    Mission Impossible! I love it, and you love a challenge!


  2. Not only are you clever, Noreen, you’re also pretty darned funny 😉


  3. 😀 Why thank you, Cyndi!


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  5. Accomplishing the impossible…an every day thing for you isn’t it??? LOL…great job, and very well done!


  6. Genius, Noreen!

    Thank you for another very instructive video. You’ve got quite a collection building up there. It’s great to be able to watch them over again as I learn the different techniques.


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