Woven Women- Our Lady of the Waters

Today, on facebook, the National Parks of Canada said that it is ‘World Wide Water Day’.

So, I decided to post a photo of my newest tapestry:’ Woven Women: Our Lady of the Waters’

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com

And, here is her poem:

Our Lady of the Waters

Moving in us, through us-

Fill us with awe

with wonder

at the beauty

the Every Thing….

Fill us with delight

in the power of

the sacred drop of water.

What color is water?

It is, ‘Yes’.

It is, ‘Life’.

It is ALL.

‘Woven Women- Our Lady of the Waters’ is a mixed media tapestry, including wool yarn, stones, wire and pounded metal.

I wove her with several different looms: A tapestry loom, a 2 harness table loom, a 2 harness Saori floor loom, a peg loom and also used a spool knitter.

She’sĀ  28 inches tall by 11 1/2 inches wide.

I think that she is probably my favorite piece that I have ever woven.

Here’s a closeup of a section that I wove on the table loom at 15 epi.

I used tabby,Ā  inlay, soumak, clasped weft and embroidery.

It was VERY slow to weave:

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay http://www.crone-findlay.com



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14 responses to “Woven Women- Our Lady of the Waters

  1. Jan

    Oh, so exquisitely lovely, Noreen. Thank you for continuing to share your breathtaking and creative artwork with us. I stand in awe of your fantastic imagination and your ability to visualize your dreams.


  2. She is so beautiful and so intricate! I can see why she is your favorite. How lovely she is–overlooking her world of water. Thank you so much for sharing during this special week.


  3. So beautiful! Perhaps she could become the patron saint of water in the world, or at least of the Experimental Lakes in Canada, all of which could use some help. She looks immensely strong and powerful in addition to being so lovely.


  4. renate giesbrecht

    Love, love love her! I have been following your work and am so impressed and inspired by it.


  5. absolutely beautiful! Will agree…The best! But,all your art…is THE BEST!


  6. Bren

    Wow! The faces you weave are fantastic!


  7. Jan HP

    She is beautiful. So looks so wise and proud!



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