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Mapping the layout for new book

I have been working sooooooooooo hard on a new little book.


The process has been really intense, because, as well as designing and making the dolls for the book, I have been learning a whole lotta new software and systems. Oh MY!

The book is called: Rosie Recycle Pin Dolls : Thrifty Little Dolls to Crochet or Knit And Spool Knit.

The dolls are adorable and I am very excited….

I’m getting close to being able to release it…. just working on finishing up the layout of the book….


The process of figuring out where each page goes and how it gets there is a complicated one….

I ended up making little mockups that I could zing back and forth in and then map out the whole works.

Each page  ended up with 7 codes, telling me something that I needed to know for the pages.

Lotsa lotsa work….. and so worth it!

I have been working so hard on the book that I haven’t been keeping up with blogging.

I will blog a bit more about the process…..

until then…. it’s back to work on it, for me.

PS:  The book is done! Hurrah!

You can see some of the dolls in the book at:

Image source: Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright



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