Run free dear greyhound

I’ve gone silent on my blog, as the last couple of weeks have been extremely challenging.

I went down with a nasty flu, and also had major design deadlines to meet.

But – the hardest part of all, was that our beloved greyhound, who has been sick for more than a year, went into kidney failure and died.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

We adopted him from the Canadian Greyhound Rescue almost a decade ago, and he was a beautiful, loving, wonderful companion.

I have been weaving pieces about him…. and will post more about them, later.

But for now, I just say, “thank you, dear friend, run free in the Spirt…..”

To learn how to do the chain stitch embroidery technique see this post:  LINK



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20 responses to “Run free dear greyhound

  1. Louise

    I again share your pain , but think happy thought concerning him as there were so many . Love you


    • Thank you so much, Louise 🙂
      Yes, we have the happiest of memories of our dear boy, and miss him very much. BUT… are also very glad that he is no longer suffering. That last chapter with him was really harrowing.
      I just think of him now, running merrily in heaven with all his buddies who were there to meet him at the Rainbow Bridge!


  2. Rita

    So sorry to hear that. It is really hard to loose an animal. They give so much love and so freely. Rita


  3. fibergeek

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear greyhound. Our pets bring us so much joy while they share our lives. It is so hard to loose them. I hope your sadness is soon replaced by fond memories of your special companion.


  4. fibergeek

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear sweet greyhound. Our pets enrich our lives so much while we have them. It is so hard to part with them – it is/always too soon. I hope that your sorrow is soon replaced by happy memories of the time you spent with your sweet boy.


  5. Caroline

    I am so sorry to hear you have lost such a dear friend. He is running with his friends in sunshiney woods. How good to be able to channel your grief into creative memories. Love and hugs xxx


  6. Wendy

    Our hearts go out to you and Jim on the loss of your dear friend.
    Wendy & Larry


  7. Carolee

    Noreen, so sad to hear of your loss, our fur kids mean so very much to us and we do miss them greatly when they pass. Useing your creativeity to remember him is a very good thing.


    • Hi Carolee
      I agree that using creativity is a very good way of healing grief. It’s been interesting that I have felt a huge upwelling of creativity since he died- I think it’s the transformative power of love, working to find positive ways of embodying itself. When someone we love dies, we miss their physical presence so much. So, I find it VERY comforting to make physical representations of my love. Hopefully, what I am doing will be healing and helpful to other people, too…. I will be sharing more about this as I shape the new work into ways that other people can use it, too.


  8. LindaJ

    Noreen, I’m so sorrry to hear about the loss of your greyhound. We’ve lost our pets also over the years and it’s losing a member of your family. Hard to adjust. But, I’m sure as we are of ours they are running joyously across the greatest green parks in Heaven, keeping company with all those family members who have passed on before us. Wonderful that you are making your memorial crafts. Hugs,


    • Hi Linda
      As a community of animal lovers, there is certainly a deep common ground of compassion when a fellow traveler has to walk to the Rainbow Bridge with their beloved animal companions. I am so appreciative of the kindness of our fellow animal lovers. 🙂
      Thank you!


  9. Alliston

    I was very lucky to have known and shared a home with Piper for many years, he was a sweet, cuddly, couch-stealing hound. I will miss his wiggly tail and big, expressive eyes and be very thankful for having him in my life.


  10. Lynn Hill

    Dear Noreen,
    I’m sorry for your loss. Your Greyhound sounds beloved and treasured. Bless you for being faithful to your sweet friend and caring for him while he was ill. In a sense, he can live on in your heart and memories. And, in your case, through beautiful art. The weaving and embroidery in the photo above is very touching to me, a fellow dog person. Let the ideas take you where they will; no doubt your Grey is inspiring you with leaps and bounds!


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