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Challenging week

This has been a very difficult week for us.

On Monday, our beloved little dog, who has been chronically ill for years, became terribly ill, then rallied briefly, but went into crisis.

Early Tuesday morning, we took him to our wonderful vet, who eased his passing.

As everyone who loves their animal companion knows, it has been very hard to loose this dear little fellow….

Our sweet boy

Our sweet boy

While we were in the midst of nursing him through to his passing, another challenge arose.

For several weeks, I have been working with my website host to try to rescue my website, which was hacked.

Finally, they told me that the only thing they could do was to wipe it right out to get rid of the nastiness that the hackers had planted.


Website gone.

So many hours of work.

Up in smoke.


We have been so moved by the kindness of family, friends and fellow travelers.


That’s what it’s all about.


And, kindness.

And compassion.

But, yes…. it’s all about love.





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Run free dear greyhound

I’ve gone silent on my blog, as the last couple of weeks have been extremely challenging.

I went down with a nasty flu, and also had major design deadlines to meet.

But – the hardest part of all, was that our beloved greyhound, who has been sick for more than a year, went into kidney failure and died.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

We adopted him from the Canadian Greyhound Rescue almost a decade ago, and he was a beautiful, loving, wonderful companion.

I have been weaving pieces about him…. and will post more about them, later.

But for now, I just say, “thank you, dear friend, run free in the Spirt…..”

To learn how to do the chain stitch embroidery technique see this post:  LINK


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Requiem for a much loved horse


See the big guy standing there, taking care of little sister? That was our two munchkins last summer, in happier days.

Well, last night, in the deep cold, surrounded by the beauty of frost covered trees under a clear, cold and moonlit sky,

our beloved old guy died a very painful death.  He got colic, and could not be saved.

Our vet had another emergency at the same time, so it was several hours before she could get to us.

We did our best to ease his pain, and when she finally was able to get here and end his suffering, we lovingly sent him Home……..

It was a grim and horrible night, and we are feeling a lot of pain, but also are grateful that our dear old boy is NOT in pain now…..

He was a rescue. We adopted him and his older sister (who passed on 2 years ago) 15 years ago.

He had come from a really nasty situation, and because of having been abused by his previous owners, was never a boy who could tolerate having anyone on his back.

So, we said:   Fine, Big Fella! you just hang out and eat grass and have a good time!

And he did.

He and our Newfoundland/Chow cross dog were the best of buddies, and the two of them loved mousing in the pasture! Amazing to watch a horse catch a mouse and then let his dog buddie scarf it down.  urk.

He was also a very tender caretaker of the two foals that we had at one point. When we adopted his new little sister after the death of his birth sister 2 years ago, he immediately adopted her, and the two of them have not been more than a few feet apart since.

Because it is the weekend, the truck that will come to take his body away won’t be here till Monday, so we have put the canopy from our truck over him, to protect him from the huge coyote who’s been lurking in our pasture.  Our little horse is guarding him, and has not left it.

We will have to decide quickly what to do about her situation. She won’t be able to handle being an only horse. So, in the middle of our grief about him, we need to take action.

By the way, our DIL’s beloved kitty has been in medical crisis for the last 2 weeks, and has undergone surgery, so I am carrying him in a sling a lot of the day while his mommy is at work…… it’s been a harrowing time…..

Happily catkins is doing well.

The challenge of adopting animal companions is that sometimes, you go through very dark times….

and even so, it is always worth it.


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