How to weave a triangle on the Zoom Loom

I have been experimenting with the Schacht Zoom Loom, and figuring out how to weave more shapes with it than just the square it was designed to weave.

In previous blog posts, I’ve shown how to weave small squares Link  and rectangles  Link.

I also posted some hints about how to embroider on the squares that you weave on the Zoom loom: Link

One of the most important shapes to be able to weave when designing with small looms is the the triangle.

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay

And, so, I’ve figured out how to weave perfect triangles on the Zoom Loom.

It was actually quite tricky to do that figuring, but it was worth it, and I made a video tutorial on how to do it:

Happy Weaving!



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3 responses to “How to weave a triangle on the Zoom Loom

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  2. Do you find that this can be easily joined/fits the the side of a Zoom Loomed square?

    Certainly an ingenious method!

    Thanks so much.


    • The short sides of the triangles line up perfectly with the sides of squares woven on the looms. If you are going to attach the hypotenuse side to a side of a square, you’ll have to coax it in somewhat. Happy weaving! 🙂


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