Christmas ornament

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to make a Christmas ornament for our friends and family.

For this year’s ornament, I decided that I would make an Angel of Gratitude…

so I drew and colored her, and then scanned and printed a flutter of

I glued them to wood,varnished them and then cut them out.


I sanded and painted the edges, glued the loops on, cut out the backs and glued them together….


and Voila! This year’s ornament!

Image Source: Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright



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11 responses to “Christmas ornament

  1. carolee

    I LOVE your angel, your so talented with the drawing (I make stick people and think thats great haha) she has such a sweet face and I like your choice of colors. That cup of tea looks good!! I too am making angels, crochet with thread some as tree toppers and some as book markers. I havent done any in several years and am really enjoying them. nice hoilday memories for me. Carolee


  2. Ah, bless your heart, Carolee!
    Thank you so much :o)
    And, you are right about the delicious cup of tea- it was a cup of gingerbread tea (Celestial Seasonings- yummy!)
    Making angels really does make for a lovely Christmas memory, doesn’t it?
    Have a lovely Christmas!


  3. I really like your angel…. we have yet to decide what this year’s ornament will be… since we are snowed in and have no school, maybe it will be a good day for granddaughter Jessica and I to work on our ornaments and notes.


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  6. Thank you so much, Eve.
    I hope that you and your granddaughter had a lovely snowday making ornaments and other memories!


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  8. How sweet! Can you share a larger picture? I’d like to see the angel drawing up closer.

    “A flutter of angels” – is that like a gaggle of geese or a pride of lions? I love it! You’re so clever Noreen.


  9. Hi Eileen
    I know that there is a proper word for a multiplicity of angels -like the exultation of larks and gaggle of geese, pride of lions, etc….. but I can’t remember the name, so I made up ‘flutter of angels’…. *G*

    I wonder if anyone else remembers it?
    Merry Christmas and Joyous Everything that everyone celebrates!


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