What’s on your loom for Christmas?


It wouldn’t be a proper Christmas without at least a little weaving!

My daughter and I are co-creating a present for her husband.

I warped up my Cricket (love that loom!) and am weaving up the bands that she is going to use to make him a pair of suspenders.

I wove about 20 feet of really nice bands…. I’ll show you pics when she’s got the suspenders done….


By the way, my husband made me that shuttle one year for my birthday. Isn’t it gorgeous?

He also built me my inkle loom, which I am working with to weave bands that say different things for different members of the family:


That’s for my son’s camera bag…. hope he likes it.

I love doing pickup techniques on the inkle. It’s slow, but satisfying!

So, what’s on your loom for Christmas?

Happy Weaving!

Image source: Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright



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17 responses to “What’s on your loom for Christmas?

  1. carolee

    I love the suspenders you know there very hard to find anymore. the strap for the camera bag is neet too. one of a kind, thats the part I love about it. Two more angels to go


  2. Thanks Carolee! You’re right- unique is great! I love being able to make one of a kind gifts :o)
    Good luck with your angels!
    Merry Christmas!


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  6. The camera bag strap with letter is amazing. And to think you made this by hand. Wow!


  7. Cool suspenders! I love my Cricket too. I may put some warp on today for another scarf.


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  9. Hi Susan
    Thanks! will post pics of the suspenders next week (after Christmas).
    The Cricket looms are great, aren’t they?
    Have fun with that new scarf!


  10. These are beautiful. I have always wanted to learn to weave. You are inspiring me to try. Perhaps I should look into getting a Cricket.
    (I have a cat by that name; she would like it).

    Great posting.


  11. Thanks so much, Eileen! πŸ™‚ I love doing lettering in inkle weaving…. it’s really fun to weave messages!

    I wove the word, ‘Keeper’ on the back of the collar of the vest that I wove my son in law for his wedding to our daughter. πŸ™‚

    I wove the words to Dame Julian of Norwich’s prayer (and all shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well) into the woven doll that I made as an hommage to Dame Julian.


  12. That’s lovely Noreen. I’m learning about so many neat things from your blog.


  13. Thank you so much, Eileen!
    And I am learning all kinds of lovely things from your blog, too!


  14. Thanks a million, Pearl!
    I think that you and Cricket would have a lovely time with a Cricket loom. My cats always like to help me warp mine…..
    :o) weaving is pure bliss….


  15. kris

    Love your photos. Along with being interested in the Cricket loom, I’m intrigued by your inkle. Looks like your hubby built a fine inkle. Did he use plans or a model? I’m thinking of making one myself.
    Thanks for sharing.


  16. Hi Kris
    Thanks so much!
    Yes, my inkle loom is just great. I wanted a 2 sided one for the sturdiness, and it is super.
    We loosely based the design for ours on a pic in Helene Bress’s fabulous book: Inkle Weaving. If you don’t have this book, BUY IT!!!! It rocks.
    I’ll take pics of my inkle and post it to my blog (after Christmas) so you can see how we did it.
    I have woven thousands of miles of band on it, and it just gets lovelier with use.


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